Some faults on test equipment are sourced by simple reasons or wrong operation.
Some of them can be solved by your self easily.
Please check if your problem can be found in the table below before calling the service department.

Typical problems

Problem Source What is to do?
No indications after switsch on

Power supply missing Check the fuses of all 3 phases
No indications, but fuses are correct

Motor protection switch has released Press the blue buttoms of all motor protection switches
Error message in the display Problem during self test detected Please check the manual for the meaning of the message. Fix the problem and restart the tester.
Rollers are starting but switching off after short run Inductive switch on the sensor roller can not detect rotations Distance to the sensor roller should be 0,5mm-1,0mm. If correkt probably that swich is faulty
Rollers can not be started

Inductive switch can not detect the wheel Inductive switch defectiv. Part is need to be replaced.
No reaction on commands of
remote conrol
Power lost on battery
Check if the red indicator in top of the remote control
is flashing if any key pressed.
If indicator is not slashing, replace the battery!