Short company profile


The Family based company SAXON Prüftechnik GmbH is a manufacturer of test equipment for testing of safety relevant values

on vehicles in workshops, inspection station and plants of vehicle manufacturers.

SAXON Prüftechnik GmbH is member of the SAXON Group, an Group of 3 connected companies with special fields of business for different test equipment.

The company is situated in Plauen in the region of south west of SAXONY in Germany.
The plant on a area of 12000m² has a factory building with 4000m² ground space for manufacturing of the equipment on site.

Nearly 90% of all equipment is really "Made in Germany" on this place using the highest international standards of quality management ISO 9001:2008

for manufacturing of the products and for the whole enterprise with all relevant processes.

The company was founded in 1994 by the owners of the family Maul and has been developed to one of the leading manufacturers in quality of Germany.

Nearly 20 years of experience in making test equipment with permanent development of new technologies enable us to operate on the most important markets in the world.

The scope of products is developed from taking over of the production plant from famous trademarks such as SCHENCK AG, SEPPERLER and KWT

and from permanent research and development of new models with own know how in accordance to metrological regulations

and requirements of the local markets in many countries.



Main products are high quality testers, such as:

-          Roller brake tester for bicycles, motorcycles, personal service cars, trucks, coaches and busses
  up to oversized special commercial vehicles, like cranes and agricultural machines

-          Suspension testers for cars, transporters and vans

-          Side slip testers for cars, trucks, coaches and busses

-          Vehicle inspection lanes and software for all equipment  

-          Chassis dynamometers for light and heavy commercial vehicles

-          Joint play detectors for cars, trucks, coaches and busses

-          Speed testers for all kind of vehicles and Taximeter tester

-          Function test stands for vehicle manufacturers


The products are approved and accepted for official technical periodical inspection,

conform to the regulations in about 26 countries by the local authorities.

Saxon is worldwide working with a network of contracted distributors, agents and resellers with own service staff

to provide a first class local service for the clients and operators of the SAXON test equipment.